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Do Good Donuts and Café is a start-up employment social enterprise that trains youth 18-28 with intellectual disabilities for mainstream food service jobs within their communities. 
Working with community partners and corporate employers, Do Good Donuts will prepare an accessible program for each downstream employment role. 

Trainees will learn the job readiness skills and the specific skills they need to succeed in their position in a real, working restaurant. 

Not only will this unique approach to training prepare our participants for a successful transition to work, but also open doors to meaningful roles in the food service industry alongside their typical peers.

Together, we can change how people view employment for young people with an intellectual disability.

Meet Melanie And Alma 

Melanie Côté, is a proud parent and fierce advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities like her daughter Alma. When Alma was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Williams Syndrome when she was 5 months old, Melanie started to look for young people with intellectual disabilities living and thriving in her community. That was 6 years ago, and in this time she has seen one youth working in our busy Toronto neighbourhood with a visible intellectual disability. And that just doesn’t seem right.

Alma is a curious, funny and engaging child who wants to be a doctor or work at Starbucks when she grows up. She loves dance, her Special Olympics Active Start program, stuffed animals and being included in activities with her classmates. 

As she says when she’s being left out at school “Inclusion Matters”. This is true in the school yard, in the classroom and in the workforce. 

Together, we can change how people view employment for young people like Alma, and everyone with an intellectual disability.